Myrtle Beach real estate is all aglow with the lure of Polynesian Fire. Practiced in the art of traditional island dance and ceremony, a family run company brings the art of fire and dance to life. Locals who live in Myrtle Beach and visitors alike are awed by the practice of fire swallowing and hypnotic Polynesian dances.

Energetic entertainments are held in two locations spread across Myrtle Beach real estate. Hawaiian Luau and Fire Shows can be seen Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at Sharkeys. On Wednesdays the production moves to Captain’s Bridge Restaurant at Saint John’s Inn. Ancient ceremonial performances are mesmerizing. Grace and beauty surround the Hawaiian Hulu. An art of storytelling through movement the traditional dance honors the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess Pele. Pele’s sister Laka is the “keeper of the dance” and is honored with gifts of flowers at the end of each dance.

Ancient Traditions Amaze Audiences Who Live In Myrtle Beach

Fire burns brightly in the night as dedicated brothers embrace an age old custom. Audiences gasp in amazement as the Samoan Fire Knife Team manipulates burning warrior’s clubs. Samoan born and raised, the Lavata’i brothers, provide a stunning and heartfelt performance as they twirl, throw, and catch clubs. Learn more about them here. Polynesian Fire is an experience one will not soon forget. Reservations for both shows can be made online.