The mystery of the ocean surrounds Myrtle Beach property. Some secrets of the sea are easily discovered at Ripley’s Aquarium Of Myrtle Beach. Exhibits and programs shine light on the depths of the ocean’s water and the life that flourishes there.

In the Living Gallery visitors see the Pacific Giant Octopus, jellies and sea dragons. Fish in colorful hues make their home in Rainbow Rock. Favorites to find include the Regal Blue Tang and Foxface Rabbitfish. Aquatic animals that seem larger than life are discovered in the Dangerous Reef. Massive Nurse Sharks swim next to Sandbar sharks. Green Sea Turtles are excitedly pointed out. And, many also love to spot the Green Moray Eels.

Friendship Flats is a great place to get up close and personal. A shallow lagoon affords the opportunity to feel the top-sides of rays. Ocean enthusiasts continue hands on adventure in the Discovery Center. Here gentle touches are welcome for horseshoe crabs. Experts are close by to impart all kinds of information and most importantly teach about conservation and care of the world’s oceans.

Sweet Dreams Are Found On Myrtle Beach Real Estate

A variety of special programs are available for those who want to delve deeper into the workings of the aquarium. Sleeping With The Sharks on Myrtle Beach real estate at Ripley’s Aquarium is one of the most popular events. Guests dozing underneath the daunting creatures will discover the mysteries of shark behavior at night. The evening includes a nighttime snack, fun activities, and scavenger hunt. Breakfast is served as sun rises over Myrtle Beach property followed by a creature feature and wrap up presentation. Kids Night Outs and Family Sleepovers are on the calendar as well. Other events include dives, birthday parties, and summer camps. Reservations can be completed by calling 843.916.0888 or submitting a form online.